Customer F.A.Q’s

  1. What area is covered by Cabs4U?

Cabs4U is an ever growing taxi company based within the heart of Buckinghamshire. With this in mind, covering not just Aylesbury and surrounding villages, but the whole of Bucks

  1. What is the process of booking with Cabs4U?

You can book your journey directly with the office either by phone on (01296) 580506 / 200200, by using our market leading booking app (available from the App Store or Google Play Store), using our online Web Booker, or by email the office at info@cabs4u.org

  1. What are your office hours?

Our office is manned, 24/7 – 365 days of the year

  1. Do you just supply normal 4 passenger taxis?

No, our ever updating fleet consists of Saloon cars, Estate Cars, Eco Friendly Cars, MPV’s, Minibuses and Executive Spec Cars

  1. What is the standard waiting time for a taxi with Cabs4U?

Our main aim is to have you picked up within minutes of your call within the Aylesbury area, for any times outside of this area our experienced office staff will be able to advise you of this at the time of booking

  1. Can you advise on journey times, for example, to London?

Yes, our friendly experienced office staff will be able to advise you of the expected journey times, as these vary at peak times during the day

  1. What are the rough journey times to local airports?

Luton Airport – 45 minutes

Heathrow Airport – 45 minutes

Stansted Airport – 1 hour 15 minutes

Gatwick Airport – 1 hour 30 minutes

All times quoted above are without traffic. For a more advanced quoted time, please speak to our friendly office team

  1. I have never been to my destination before, what happens if the driver doers not know the way?

All of our drivers have a PDA in the car, linked to the latest Tom Tom or Google Maps to assist them with any directions which are required

  1. What happens when I arrive at the airport? How will I meet the driver?

Our driver will contact you on your provided mobile number and arrange to meet you at a mutually convenient meeting point just outside of the terminal, unless you have booked using the “meet and greet service”. In this case, our driver will be waiting in arrivals holding a board with the passengers name on it, ready for when you have completed all the relevant checks within the airport

  1. I cannot find my driver, what do I do?

Stay calm and call our friendly office team on (01296) 200200, and they will be able to locate your driver using our sophisticated GPS tracking

  1. What payment methods are accepted by Cabs4U?

You can pay by cash in the car to the driver, or by Credit / Debit card either over the phone to the office, or by registering your card on our booking app (a small card processing fee will be added to the fare, this will be advised at the time of booking)

  1. What are your anti-social price increase hours?

These rates apply Monday to Sunday between 00.00 and 04.59

  1. How will I know which vehicle is mine if I book from a busy place?

As your driver is dispatched, we will send you an SMS with a link to tack the driver in real time. Upon him arriving at the said pick up point, you will receive a second SMS with the make, model, colour and registration of the car

  1. Can return journeys be booked with the driver?

All journeys must be booked directly with the office to ensure all journeys are legal. This also refrains from any disappointment or unnecessary delays

  1. Can I get a receipt with my journey?

Yes, all of our drivers will be able to provide you with a hand written receipt. Alternatively, you can email us at info@cabs4u.org where we can provide one for you

  1. I’ve lost something in one of your cars, how do I get it back?

If you think you’ve lost an item in one of our vehicles, please contact the office with a description of your items and contact details. A member of the team will then look in to this and speak to the relevant driver, and will be in touch to provide an update

Driver F.A.Q’s

  1. Do I need my own vehicle?

No. You can either use a licensed vehicle ready to work provided by Cabs4U. Alternatively, you can purchase your own vehicle, in which Cabs4U will give you advice and support on what to buy and how to go about licensing the vehicle

  1. I’ve never driven a taxi before; can I still drive for Cabs4U?

Cabs4U will provide all the relevant training, not just on using our market leading PDA system, but also of gathering an understanding of the local area. Experience would be preferred, but we understand that everyone has to start somewhere and will help in whatever way possible to ensure that your time at Cabs4U is as stress free as possible

  1. Will I be self-employed?

Yes, all drivers for Cabs4U are self employed and will undertake work as a sub contractor to Cabs4U

  1. I already have an AVDC Private Hire badge, what do I need to provide in order to join Cabs4U?

You will need to provide us with your full driving licence, an online check code to check your driving history and current points, 2 forms of identification displaying your current address and a valid taxi badge

  1. Can I start the same day?

Yes, as long as the office are satisfied with the documents provided the we will aim to get you earning straight away

  1. Do I pay for my own fuel?

If using a company car, then any fuel put into the car for work use will be reimbursed at the end of the week where adequate receipts are provided. For a more detailed explanation on this, as there are numerous ways of driving with Cabs4U, can be obtained by emailing info@cabs4u.org

  1. What equipment will be provided in my car?

All of our vehicles will have a market leading PDA system to receive jobs, with inbuilt sat nav. These have standard features like customer text back and contact base. All vehicles will have receipt cards, first aid kit and fire extinguisher

  1. Will every customer give me cash?

Cabs4U will either receive cash, card payment or account bookings. For cash, the customer will pay you directly upon completion of the journey. For journeys paid by card or account, these will be reconciled with you at the end of every week